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Courtesy Endurance Conspiracy

Not the only height adjustable desk in the world… BUT I’d do this at  work in a second if the noise wouldn’t drive everyone else batty.  :)
Photo from DESIGN TAXI

Northern Lights have been on my bucket list for a long time.  I think the method of seeing them has just been amended.  Beautiful.


Not mine. Credit goes to Aaron Peterson Photography out of da UP. 

(via fuckyeahcycling)


In case you’ve ever thought “Hey, I want to see Andy on a mountain bike, doing a wheelie, in Colorado.”  Here you go.

New Garmin Vector Power Meter

I received an interesting link to a Gizmodo article this morning and simply had to find out more.  Turns out there was a lot of news out today about this new power meter from Garmin that will be released next March.  The Garmin Vector.  The link at the very top of this post takes you to what Velo News had to say about it.  This link will take you to Garmin’s announcement. 

For the record, I’ve yet to use a power meter.  I’ve always been incredibly intrigued by the sheer amount of useful feedback they provide.  Since it would be overkill for my current goal and situation, I have not made the investment.  The thing I find particularly fascinating about this model is that one will be able to receive readings on the power for each leg.  So, any imbalances can quickly be seen and plans can be made and implemented for correction and improvement. 

Yes, it’s expensive.  Honestly, all power meters seem expensive to me.  If one considers you are getting a pedal set at the same time, it may take the burn away a little.  I have little things I want to upgrade on my bike.  When I get down to pedals on the priority list, you bet your buns I’ll at least consider saving up for these.

Thanks BB for the gizmodo link!

Anyone else notice how the amount of yellow gear on the bike path goes up in correlation to the airing of The Tour?  I love cycling fans.

Now this is courage. 

Knocked down by a car (yes, a bleeping car) while in the lead group of Stage 9 of The Tour, Johnny Hoogerland somersaults into a barbed wire fence, untangles himself, gets patched up on the fly, completes the stage, maintains the climbers’ jersey, and is awarded the prize for most competitive cyclist on the day.  At the end of this day, that included 208 km of riding, a hospital visit and 33 stitches, he said was thankful to survive.  The other rider that goes down, Juan Antonio Flecha, also finished the stage.  Let’s hope all the injured riders of this year’s tour heal quickly and are able to continue on!

(Driver, forget you had brakes?  Hit them or the tree, veering towards people is never the right choice.  Vraiment, vous êtes un idiot!)

No bars needed for that aero position… sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

Le Tour, Le Tour!!!

Le Tour de France starts this week!  Oh, la la la la!  If you can’t wait for the start I highly recommend checking out the above film.  Incredibly fun and fascinating!  The film follows the T-Mobile team through out the entire 2003 tour giving incredible insight to what the cyclists experience.  It also covers the history of the tour and it’s impact on cycling, it’s fans, and culture.  It’s available in Netflix’s instant stream!

Bike Lanes - New York City - hilarious!

(big balls, small brain, or both for neglecting to wear a helmet in nyc traffic? - yikes!) - "Yeah but can Cavendish do this?" (@markcavendish) from swhitfield on Vimeo.

Simon Whitfield makes the coolest videos.  Speaking of cool… how cool is that trainer?  Holy-wow.  I saw some on display at the Tour of California this weekend.  No more tire melt away!  Mmmmmmmm excuse me while I mop up my drool.