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Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge!

LA Tri Club put on a wonderful event at the Culver City Plunge yesterday.  It was a 5am to midnight collective swim from Los Angeles to New York, hence “Coast 2 Coast”.  The primary goal being to raise funds so that area children may be given free swim lessons throughout the summer.  Ideally increasing their love for the water, and decreasing instances of drownings and near drownings.  The secondary challenge was for the swimmers to collectively swim the distance between Los Angeles and New York, setting a world record. 

I have yet to see anything on the results of the total distance swum, but the most important thing is those swim lessons!  What a wonderful way to pay it forward to your community.  Way to go LA Tri Club and all of their sponsors!  I went with a friend for a 30 minute time slot, and we had a blast cruising in our lane for a hair under a mile each.  As one would hope at an event like this, everyone we met was enthusiastic, friendly, and positive.  I hope they meet all their goals, and do it again next year.  What a great day!


I’m now a Twitter Nit-Twit!  Har-har.

@PowersTri is the Twitter name.  You can also catch the feed updates here, on the right hand side of the blog!

TRI Training Update 4-2011
April was a good training month. Base fitness building is complete, and week one of a 20-week plan leading up to the triathlon is also in the books!  19 weeks to go!  Spring has sprung, and with it bike rides have been taken out of doors, and ocean swims have begun!  Thanks again to the training logs on slowtwitch!  And a very special thanks to all you supporters and donors, we’re already a third of the way to the goal thanks to your amazing acts of kindness! 

1st Larry King special "Unthinkable: the Alzheimer’s Epidemic" to air May 1 at 8pm ET

Tune in to the above on Sunday, and learn more about Alzheimer’s at

HBO Films: The Alzheimer's Project

Maria Shriver mentions the above HBO Films series in her article, A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s.  As I tend to get my television fixes through the interwebs and the air, I entered the title into my search engine hoping to find it available.  To my surprise, HBO has the entire series, including supplemental videos, up on their site for anyone to stream!  Way to go HBO in making this readily available to the masses!  Guess what I’ll be watching when I kick up my heels after a good training session?

TRI Training Update 3-2011
Stats fresh from March!  No outside rides… but that will soon change just as the time did!
TRI Training Update 2-2011
Here’s February’s stats.  Was glad to get outside and off of the trainer for at least one ride in Feb.
TRI Training Update 1-2011
I got started training a few months ago.  Keeping track has been a great help.  I’ll keep the updates going monthly.  Stats thanks to training logs on slowtwitch for the curious.

What will and won’t I blog?

I will absolutely blog about the progress of fundraising and training efforts.  You will also find silliness, photos, videos etc. - likely all pertaining to things I notice along the way to achieving said fundraising and triathlon goals.  Please visit often and feel free to comment on these posts!

I won’t blog anything that I think may be disrespectful or infringe upon the privacy of my family, friends, coworkers, animals, insects etc. - I love and respect you all way too much.  Of course, if you’re into people talking about you and yours on the interwebs, arrangements can be made upon your request… ;)

TRI for Alzheimer’s Association

I’m giving it a TRI for Alzheimer’s Association!  Between now and the Triathlon at Pacific Grove on September 10, 2011, I will be actively raising funds to support Alzheimer’s Association.  I have set a goal of $2,000 and would love to see it blown out of the water, but not nearly as much as I would love to see this disease get off that top ten list (video above), and all lists forever!

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Run for Japan is bringing together the global running community and   showing solidarity and support through dedicating runs around the World   to the people of Japan.  Join me in pledging your run today!  Proceeds go  to the Red Cross.


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